Today your mission is to learn the best way to tackle the dreaded lack of motivation by choosing which character most strongly relates to you!

Meet the Heros of Super Danger Coffee Force.

Grande Latte is a socialite.
She thrives on social interaction. Her superpower is the ability to inject everyone with her “feel-good vibes”.

Problem: Grande Latte is having a hard time staying on task.  It is Monday morning, and she spent the weekend at the art and music festival downtown.

Grande Latte’s Motivation-Infusion: Teamwork! Just being near people brings Grande Latte to life, so getting away from her office and into a coffee shop, or better yet, coworking space is the best way to get her motivated and back to work.

The Brewster is a hero with a mind for adventure.
He thrives on competition and loves to be first.  His superpower allows him to move with great speed and intensity.  

Problem: Brewster is training for a marathon, and spent the weekend making sure his yard is the best looking yard on the block.  Today he is tired and a little sunburnt.

The Brewster’s key to motivation success? Make it a point system, get his coworkers involved, and crush the competition.  Reply to an email - 5 points. Make that phone call you’ve been putting off - 10 points. Finish a report - 20 points.  
*Bonus points awarded for speed and accuracy.

Ms. Mocha has a knack for finding her way.
A natural treasure hunter, she loves being faced with puzzles and challenges along the way.  “I’ll find my way!” is her personal motto, and her superpower allows her to solve riddles and open hidden doors.  

Problem: Ms. Mocha is covered in mosquito bites today after spending the weekend geocaching, and woke up to discover her water heater was no longer working! (If that cold shower didn’t wake her up, we don’t know what will!)

Mocha’s Motivation Infusion: Discover her source of inspiration.  Lack of motivation can be caused by many things.  First Mocha is tasked with discovering her root cause for this lack of motivation, and then gathering the necessary information and tools from inspiration leaders to help her achieve her goal and get her work done.
*Clue-This lack of motivation is likely the cause of multiple problems occurring at the same time.  First understand the problem, then find a solution for it.

Percolator is an achievement seeker.  
He excels at doing things exactly the right way. It’s all about the process for him.  “Brew it perfect. Every time,” is his motto; his superpower allows him to cobble together nearby ingredients and tools to make unique combinations.  (Think the MacGuyver of coffee.)

Percolator is a little bit of a perfectionist.  After being asked to bring a desert to pass for an upcoming graduation party,  Percolator is tired after baking well into the night as he got his chocolate chip cookie recipe “just right”.

Percolator’s Key to Motivation-Success? Understanding the steps to get there.  Percolator’s motivation is squashed by not knowing exactly which step to take next. Speaking to coworkers and seeking out additional information will guide Percolator to his exactly-right next step.

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