On May 21st City Office hosted it's first Social Media IDEA SLAM!  A dozen people gathered on Tuesday May 21th to outline their social media content for the month of June.

Each Idea Slammer received a Content Calendar Booklet containing local events, national holidays, and a layout to write in their social media posts.  We worked together to brainstorm campaign ideas for individual businesses,  and shared our own tips and tricks for increasing our page “likes”.  (We still have several IDEA SLAM Content Calendar Booklets available here at City Office if you missed our first IDEA SLAM, but are interested in a template for creating your social media content calendar for June!)

We look forward to seeing everyone again (Along with some new faces!) at our next IDEA SLAM event to share in each other’s successes, and work towards our content calendars for the month of July!

**A special shout-out  to Adam Salgat, who surprised the crew with cookies from Heidi’s Darn Good Cookies!

P.S. There will be cookies at our next IDEA SLAM

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